The CDs in the CD edition of MathsAhead contain mathematical activities and games that reinforce concepts, generate interest by introducing fun in learning and develop higher order thinking skills (HOTS).


MathsAhead is a series of 12 books consisting of:

  • MathsAhead Primer A, B for pre-primary
  • MathsAhead 1–5: for primary school
  • MathsAhead 6-8: for middle school
  • MathsAhead 9, 10: for secondary school

The series is based on a strong foundation of concepts and practice, developing critical thinking and application skills.

MathsAhead Primer A – 5 follows the universally accepted:

concrete -> semi-concrete (pictorial) -> abstract -> applications


Maths Lab Activities integrated with the text, are used for the concrete step and also for applications.

After introducing a concept through everyday experiences and Maths Lab Activities, it is developed step-by-step to ensure effective learning. Each concept is broken down into several sub-concepts and each sub-concept is firmly established before moving on to the next.

Carefully controlled language promotes easy understanding.

  • The activities and games in the CD edition activate interest, consolidate concepts and develop higher order thinking skills (HOTS).

MathsAhead 6-8 and 9-10

Concepts are developed through:

  • maths lab activities,
  • explanations in very simple language,
  • variety of solved examples.

Practice is provided by an optimum number and variety of unsolved problems.
Test papers with concept-based and calculation-based problems help in continuous assessment.

In addition, in MathsAhead 6-8

  • Enrichment Exercises that contain thought-provoking problems develop thinking (HOTS)
  • Story Time that gives information and interesting stories related to famous mathematicians and their discoveries generates interest in Maths.

Overall, MathsAhead invites the learner on a voyage of discovery to explore the fascinating world of Maths – a truly unique adventure of knowledge and fun.